About PICO California

PICO California is the state’s largest faith-based community organizing network. Established in 1994, PICO California brings together clergy and community leaders from throughout California to affect meaningful budget and policy change at the state level. Over the past 20 years, our organizing and policy advocacy has resulted in increased investments in education and healthcare, and in programs and services that are critical to decrease mass incarceration and gun violence, create opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals, and positively impact the lives of low-income and working families. Together, we represent 480 congregations and 450,0000 families of diverse economic, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds committed to advancing racial and economic justice in California.

PICO California rallies against any policy that separates families and devastates communities. We are committed to connecting communities of color in solidarity across the common struggle of regaining and maintaining full and enfranchised citizenship. PICO California is part of the PICO National Network. PICO California and its federations are non-partisan and do not endorse or support candidates for office.