There are many paths to a more just world, and faith-based community organizing is one of them...


There are many paths to a more just world, and faith-based community organizing is one of them...

Proposition 47 is Changing Lives

PICO California and our allies worked diligently to support the passage of Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, a groundbreaking initiative that goes further than any ballot initiative in history to reverse the damage caused by over-incarceration in the largest state in the nation. The measure is undoing some of the worst excesses of the war on drugs (and its severely disproportionate impact on communities of color) by changing the most common nonviolent felonies/wobblers into simple misdemeanors, meaning these offenses would no longer result in a prison sentence. Thousands of people now behind bars are eligible for release and thousands fewer will be incarcerated annually.

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AB 953 - The Racial and Identity Profiling Act: 

Documenting Data on Police Stops in California

After more than twenty years of attempting to hold law enforcement accountable, California passed AB 953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015, a groundbreaking bill to address racial and identity profiling. As member of the Communities United for Fair Policing Coalition, PICO California was instrumental in creating the political will to push the bill through the legislative process. The coalition held a statewide action including a "sit-in" at the Capitol in Sacramento on September 2nd to educate legislators and the governor about the personal and broader impacts of racial profiling and police violence. On September 25th, the Coalition launched a statewide caravan collecting over 3,000 signed “prayer cards” in support of the bill and commenced a 24-hour vigil at the Capitol. On October 3rd, just days after members of the campaign announced that they would start a hunger strike, Governor Brown signed the bill. 



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